The roastery at The Galway Roast really is a special place. The Roastery is where the magic happens, where our roasted coffee beans are roasted! Our special unique blend of Brazilian, Guatemalan and Honduras roasted coffee beans are mixed together in our own special way to produce the blend that we are so proud of and is enjoyed nationwide. Coffee lovers that taste our blend immediatley fall in love and every week more and more commercial venues are requesting supplies from us.

The roastery where we roast our delicious roasted coffee beans enables the Galway Roast to provide fresh coffee all day everyday as we only roast what we need. This allows us to boast about having the freshest roasted coffee for you to choose from. We developed our own blend which is unique and fresh for our customers to enjoy, not only in the Galway Roast coffee shops but in the comfort of your own home as well. The roastery allows us to roast our roasted coffee beans fresh and then deliver to your door all in the one day.

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